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About Me:

Ever since I can remember I’ve been passionate about fitness. As a kid I would climb any tree in the neighborhood and use its limbs as my own personal jungle gym. As I grew older I participated in organized sports, but I never thought I was very good. I considered myself average, sometimes first string, but never a superstar!

In my 40s I began participating in triathlon. Prior to which I hadn’t run in years! Until then, I didn’t even know how to swim. But I saw my cycling friends competing and it was something that I always wanted to attempt. After watching them I signed up for my first Sprint (shortest distance triathlon) race.

Surprisingly, in my second season I qualified for Nationals, where I did my first Olympic distance race. Each consecutive year after that I advanced to the next distance; in 2014 I completed my first full Ironman event.

My personal fitness journey is one of the many reasons I believe that everyone can reach their goals. I’m not special. I just never give up. I believe that with proper training, the will to succeed, and a positive attitude, we all can accomplish whatever we set our minds to achieving.

Dr. Karen DeSimone: Background

  Doctor of Physical Therapy 2001, Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions
•   Masters in Physical Therapy 2000, Massachusetts Genera1987l Hospital Institute of Health Professions
•   BS in Exercise Physiology with concentration in Nutrition 1997, UMass Lowell
•   BS in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, 1987, University of Lowell
•   Over 20 years in the fitness industry leading and consulting clients in group and individual fitness & exercise programs
•   Certified Peak Pilates Instructor, 2015
•   IRONMAN finisher 2014, 2016  Mont Tremblant Quebec, Canada
•   National championship age group qualifier for triathlon 2009-2018
•   Member of Cape Cod Cycling Club, Cape Cod Athletic Club, and Cape Cod Triathlon Club
•   Former Board Member Cape Cod Cycling Club



KD360 Wellness Mission:

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach to well-being through nutrition, health coaching, physical therapy, massage, fitness, and our state-of-the art non-surgical healing programs that address many spinal and musculoskeletal issues. We are proud to help our clients reach their maximum potential for wellness, allowing them to live their life free from pain and suffering.



KD360 Wellness Vision:

Our vision is to positively impact the health of our community by providing state-of-art non-surgical healing programs and other services that address many spinal and musculoskeletal issues. 


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