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KD360 Healing Programs - Musculoskeletal

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Our KD360 Musculoskeletal Healing Program uses a functional medicine approach that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Why are our KD360 Healing Programs different than other programs? We combine a variety of services to address your specific dysfunction and to help return you to optimal health and well being. We don't just address symptoms, we address and resolve the root cause of your symptoms that are leading to your physical dysfunction. Our system assists you body's ability to heal at the cellular level and "reprograms" it to work efficiently and effectively.  By using this process we are able to prevent your symptoms from returning!

What therapies do your KD360 Healing Programs provide? We use a combination of the following therapies depending on your specific needs including:
• Physical Therapy
• Cold laser therapy
• Nutritional supplementation
• Neuromuscular rebalancing
• Progressive home exercise program
• Patient education

What happens when I complete the program? After you have completed your intensive intial program that has been uniquely designed for you, you then begin the maintenence phase of your program. This program ensures that you maintain your desired outcome and prevents your symptoms from returning.

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